Other Seismic Stations Found In Southern Ontario

The University of Western Ontario (UWO) operates three short period seismic stations located in the London Ontario region of southern Ontario. This seismic array has been in operation since 1976.

The Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) operates a large number of seismic stations across Canada that are known as the Canadian National Seismograph Network. Four of these stations are found in the southern Ontario region.

[Station Map]

GSC Station Locations
CHALK RIVER (CRLO) 46.037 N 77.380 W 168
ELDEE (EEO) 46.641 N 79.073 W 398
EFFINGHAM (EFO) 43.092 N 79.312 W 168
SADOWA (SADO) 44.769 N 79.142 W 243

UWO Station Locations
DELAWARE (DLA) 42.9581 N 81.4906 W 227
ELGINFIELD (ELF) 43.2930 N 81.3143 W 320
LONDON (LDN) 43.0400 N 81.1833 W 246