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Papers Presented at Scientific Meetings

Mereu, R., Dineva, S., Atkinson, G. (2010) The Application of Velocity Spectral Stacking Methods to Determine the Source Spectra and Scaling Relations for Small to Moderate Earthquakes in Southern Ontario/Western Quebec. Presented at the Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America in Boston, USA, ,October, 2010

Atkinson, G. (2010). Seismological considerations for the analysis of soil-structure interaction. Proc. Workshop on Soil-Structure Interaction. Can. Nuclear Safety Comm., Ottawa, Oct. 2010.

Atkinson, G. (2010). Impact of recent developments in ground motion prediction equations on probable ground motions for Canadian cities. Proc. 9thU.S./10thCdn.Conf.Earthq.Eng., Toronto, July 2010.

Dineva, S., Mereu, R., and Atkinson, G.M. (2010) Regional scaling law for the earthquake spectra in southern Ontario/western Quebec (Canada), Presented at the Annual Meeting of The Canadian Geophysical Union Ottawa, June, 2010.