Date: May 4, 2000 Time: 04:21:17
Location: 1.1S 124.0E
Depth: 33 Km Magnitude: 7.5 MN

At least 46 people killed, 254 injured, extensive damage and power outages occurred in the Luwuk area, Sulawesi and on nearby islands. Eighty percent of buildings were damaged or destroyed on Banggai. Damage also occurred on Peleng. Dozens of houses damaged and a local market destroyed by fire at Luwuk. Much of the damage east of Luwuk and on Peleng was caused by a local tsunami with estimated wave heights up to 6 meters. Felt at Gorontalo and Palu; at Manado and Tolitoli, Sulawesi. Felt at Balikpapan, Borneo. Also felt on Ternate.