Date: November 12, 1996 Time: 16:59:43
Location: 14.9S 75.5W
Depth: 33 Km Magnitude: 7.3MN

At least 15 people killed, 700 injured and 12,000 homeless from Chincha Alta to Acari. At least 50 people missing in a collapsed mine at Acari. Over 4,000 houses damaged or destroyed at Nazca. Felt in the Marcona area; at Ica and Palpa; at Arequipa and Camana; at Lima and Tacna; at Huancayo and Pucallpa. Felt by people in high-rise buildings at Guayaquil, Ecuador and La Paz, Bolivia. This thrust earthquake is associated with the subduction of the Nazca ridge (a major feaure of the Nazca plate) beneath the South American plate. It originated near the southern end of a seismic gap between the large Peruvian earthquakes of August 24, 1942 and October 3, 1974, with the aftershock sequence progressing southward into the zone of the 1942 event. Complex earthquake, with at least two larger events occurring about 20 and 33 seconds after the onset, observed on broadband displacement seismograms.