Date: October 15, 1997 Time: 1:03:30
Location: 31.0S 71.2W
Depth: 33 Km Magnitude: 6.8MN

Five people killed at Pueblo Nuevo, one person killed at Coquimbo, one person killed at La Chimba and another died of a heart attack at Punitaqui. More than 200 people injured, 5,000 rural houses destroyed, another 9,000 damaged, numerous power and telephone outages, landslides and rockslides in the epicentral region. Some damage at La Serena and at Ovalle. Felt at Alto del Carmen and Illapel; at Copiapo, Huasco, San Antonio, Santiago and Vallenar; at Caldera, Chanaral, Rancagua and Tierra Amarilla; at Talca; at Concepcion and Taltal. Felt as far south as Valdivia. Felt in Mendoza and San Juan Provinces, Argentina. Felt in Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Cordoba, Distrito Federal and La Rioja Provinces, Argentina. Also felt in parts of Bolivia and Peru.